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Deploy SSR applications using Supervisord

If you’re building Server-Side Rendering applications with React (next.js) or Vue.js (nuxt.js) you will have to deploy it using some process control tool to keep it running. I have seen that a lot of websites are teaching how to do this with PM2, but I decided to deploy SSR applications using Supervisord. It will work in the same way and it’s a very common tool, so chances are you already have Supervisord in your server. Especially you’ve followed the Deploy for Kids tutorial.

The number one reason to have a React or Vue.js SSR app is SEO. Google Bot doesn’t work well with CSR (Client-Side Rendering) and it can’t index your pages in that way. So, having an SSR app running in your server means you have node.js running some program that you’ve built in Javascript. But you can’t just run node in a screen and get out of it, you must have some process control tool to keep it running if the server restarts or if the application crashes for some reason.

Installing Supervisord:

sudo apt-get install supervisor

Now, create a new configuration file for your SSR application:

sudo vi /etc/supervisor/conf.d/my-ssr-app.conf

That’s the content:

command=npm run start

Now, you have to tell Supervisord about this new process:

sudo supervisorctl reread
sudo supervisorctl update

And if in the future you need to restart just your app, use the name in the conf file:

sudo supervisorctl restart myappname

That’s it. Now you know how to deploy SSR applications using Supervisord.

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